Security Personnel

Security Personnel

As our clients, you can expect highly trained, experienced security personnel at your work site. Our intricate guard selection process and further training thereafter, guarantee top of the line service from all staff.

All our Security Personnel meet the following qualitative requirements:-

  • Must be between 21 years and 40 years of age.
  • Minimum 10th Grade Pass
  • Ability to communicate in English (read, write, speak and comprehend well)
  • Some possess Arabic language skills.
  • Must be at least 5’7” (170 cms) tall.
  • Must be physically fit (neither obese nor thin) with a BMI of 24 to 27.
  • Must be able to push, pull, jump, climb, carry and run to conduct security duties.
  • Must have a minimum of 2 years of experience in the field of security.
  • Preference given to Ex-Military/Police force.
  • Must have pleasing manners and attitude.
  • Must be medically fit.
  • Should be ready to be clean shaven, if required.
  • Possess Good Conduct Certificate.
  • Trained by National Security Institute/Security Cadre Training Centre.
  • Licensed by ASSD/SIRA


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