Company Profile

Company Profile

OSS intends to continue providing its customers with trustworthy manpower and cutting-edge technologically advanced security solutions. Our Vision is to become the most trusted and respected security services company in the U.A.E.

OSS in the U.A.E was incorporated in March 2014 as Universal Security Services. OSS, UAE intends expanding and playing an important role in this sector. As part of our Group’s vision of investing in people, the vital asset of any organization, the decision to start up our U.A.E. entity was based on our confidence that OSS, U.A.E could contribution immensely towards the growing need of security in the U.A.E. We trust that OSS, U.A.E. will bring in innovative solutions and Orion Group’s commitment will ensure quality products and services.

We are sanguine OSS, U.A.E will be an asset to you and many other customers in the future. We are positive that OSS, U.A.E will stand out amongst the competitors as OSS, India has stood out in India and be a favorite destination for all security seekers in the U.A.E.

Our Credentials
  • Global workforce of over 32,000+ Manpower personnel.
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • We service our customers through a branch & site network of over 42 offices across India and 3 offices in the U.A.E.
  • ORION has global client portfolio of over 1400 customers from a diverse and interesting mix of over 16 different Industries/Sectors.
  • Our global client portfolio consists of India's Top 200 companies that appreciate and refer us all the way to their own partner networks.


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